Building Contractors in Wincanton

Are you in the midst of planning a major refurbishment project? Perhaps you lack the time to make it happen or are attempting something beyond your skillsets. Whatever the case might be, you’re best off leaving the job to the professionals. With a fully certified team and years of experience, Franks Maintenance Group Ltd are the best choice for building contractors in Wincanton. Call 01747 826656 to find out more.

Building Contractors Wincanton Can Depend On

From minor alterations to major overhauls, building work can be a time-consuming process, not to mention costly. The results, however, are usually worth the investment so long as there are no unforeseen complications along the way. At Franks Maintenance Group Ltd, our building contractors in Wincanton provide a service that ensures exceptional results every time.

We can assist with a range of areas, providing services that improve all aspects of your home. To find out more about what our Wincanton building contractors can do for you, keep reading or give us a call today if you have any questions.

How Can Our Building Contractors in Wincanton Help?

At Franks Maintenance Group Ltd, we provide a number of services which include:

Home Refurbishments

Home refurbishments are an excellent way to breathe new life into any home. Whether you’re tired of the existing décor or wish to update a dated decorative scheme, you can trust us to make your vision a reality. Choose the best building contractors Wincanton has to offer and save yourself the hassle of moving to a new house.


Treat yourself to a new bathroom that exudes all the sophistication and elegance of one found in a luxury hotel. Our building contractors in Wincanton will design a bathroom in keeping with your needs. We supply a wide range of fixtures and fittings and oversee all installation, so you won’t have to consult with anyone else.


At Franks Maintenance Group Ltd, we design kitchens that complement the lifestyles of our customers. Whether you’re constantly on the go; cooking for the family; or enjoy experimenting in the kitchen, we’ll create a kitchen that works for you. We create all cupboards and cabinets and supply top of the line appliances as well as luxurious worktops. Everything you need for the kitchen of your dreams is right here.

Any questions? Get in touch, we’re happy to help / 01747 826656

How Can We Help?

Serving all your interior & exterior maintenance needs. Call us on 01747 826656 or enquire below.


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    Other Services

    As well as the services mentioned above, our Wincanton building contractors also provide other services too, including:

    Whatever you require of our building contractors in Wincanton, you can rest assured Franks Maintenance Group Ltd will deliver. Just give us a call and arrange for a convenient time for us to visit your home. We’ll discuss your ideas, conduct a site survey and supply you with honest advice and recommendations. Once we’re done, you’ll be handed a FREE no-obligation quotation.

    If you choose to proceed, we’ll get the work scheduled in for a time that suits you. All work is handled by our skilled building contractors. Wincanton customers can count on us to minimise any downtime and to be respectful and professional at all times. Once the job is done, your home will be left neat and tidy.

    Do these sound like the sort of services that could benefit you? If so, give Franks Maintenance Group Ltd a call and speak to one of our building contractors in Wincanton.

    Why Choose Our Wincanton Building Contractors?

    Here at Franks Maintenance Group Ltd, we’re all about serving your interior and exterior maintenance needs. Whether your request is for us to repair or maintain your property or to enhance it beyond its current design or capacity, you can always count on us. Our commitment to our customers is why so many choose us over our competitors.

    Over the years, we’ve amassed a stellar reputation for quality, and our friendly team are driven to provide a service that is most affordable. Our competitive pricing structure is what attracts customers to us as they know they won’t have to spend a fortune to see results.


    So, if you’re searching for building contractors in Wincanton who represent the best of the best, call Franks Maintenance Group Ltd today on 01747 826656.