Portable Scaffolding Hire

Portable Scaffolding Hire

If you’re looking to carry out a job on a small section of a building but don’t want to mess around with the dangers and inconveniences of using a ladder, you need our mobile scaffold tower to complete the task.  If you’re looking for portable scaffolding hire, don’t hesitate to contact us on 01747 826656 for a complete service.

What you should know about portable scaffolding hire

When it comes to carrying out important work on a small section of your property, portable scaffolding hire is the perfect solution. While many people resort to using ladders, we can provide you with a stable platform on which to work. Ladders are also a pain if you’re working with a selection of different tools, as it’s impossible to have them in a convenient place all at once. The working platform provided by out portable scaffolding hire allows you to have all your materials in one place so you can concentrate on getting the task done.

By investing in our portable scaffolding hire, you can give yourself access to a larger area than what a ladder would allow, and you can also work on projects that are higher without the worry of falling. While the benefits of our portable scaffolding hire are undeniable, there’s also a lot of responsibility and health and safety rules and regulations that go with it.  At Franks Group, we are fully certified to supply our clients with portable scaffolding hire, so read more about our service below.

Our portable scaffolding hire service

When you call us regarding our portable scaffolding hire service, a friendly and helpful member of the team with make sure that our scaffold tower is available for the dates that you have requested. Once we know how long you will need our scaffold tower, we will be able to give you a hire cost.

On a date and time convenient for you, we will transport our tower to your site and erect it using the methods laid out by PASMA. We’ll make sure that the tower rests on flat, stable ground and we will ensure that stabilisers are installed if and when required.

Once the tower is erect, a senior member of the team will inspect the tower to make sure that it is compliant with health and safety rules and regulations.  They will then return at regular intervals throughout your project to make sure that it continues to be safe to use.

They will also instruct you on all the health and safety precautions that are necessary while using the scaffold tower and ensure that you’re aware of the following:

Portable Scaffolding Hire

  • Never use the tower in strong winds
  • Never place and use ladders on the tower
  • Never use when there are missing or broken parts
  • Always make sure you’re aware of your surroundings when moving the scaffold tower
  • Only move it once the height has been reduced to 4m
  • Only use manual power to move it

Once your project is complete, our portable scaffolding hire team will arrive at a convenient time to dismantle the tower safely and take it away.

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     Why should you choose Franks Group for your portable scaffolding hire?

    When it comes to portable scaffolding hire, it is important that you seek a reputable company that offers the service fully compliant with health and safety rules and regulations. At Franks Group, we do just that. Every member of our team associated with our portable scaffolding hire service is PASMA trained, which means they are certified in the erection of our scaffold tower using both the Advance Guard Rail System and the Through the Trap System.

    They are also certified to provide you with the necessary health and safety training required in order to use the scaffold tower compliantly, whether it’s needed for domestic, commercial or industrial projects.

    We’re a fully insured maintenance group dedicated to providing our customers with a first-rate service and every project that we carry out is completed to an extremely high standard. The commitment to both aspects of our business has earned us accreditations from major industry players including FMB and CITB.

    What are the other services that we offer?

    In addition to supplying our clients with portable scaffolding hire, our other services include:

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    If you like the sound of our professional portable scaffolding hire service, don’t hesitate to contact us today.